The Farm Bed & Breakfast “Busa dell’Oro” is located in Tramonte di Teolo (Padua) on the eastern side of the Euganean Hills. The location is perfect for nature and cultural excursions, given its proximity to major art and tourist cities and the spa centres of Abano and Montegrotto Terme.

Church of San Giorgio (400m. from the B&B)
Via chiesa Tramonte 10 – Teolo (PD)

The church of San Giorgio (Saint George) is the main focus of Tramonte, a small hill town in the municipal area of Teolo. Tramonte, unlike other towns in the area, is not build around a square or an urban quarter, but is made up of houses and villas scattered among the woods and fields. Works include the round paintings portraying the Twelve apostles, painted by an artist from the school of  Jacopo da Montagnana.

Praglia Abbey (below the B&B)
Via Abbazia di Praglia, 16 – 35037 Teolo (PD)

A Benedictine monastery where you can admire the valuable works of art, such as the large refectory and ancient library and the hanging cloisters. The book restoration centre is renowned worldwide.
Sunday and holidays: 3.30 pm; 4 pm; 4.30 pm; 5 pm; 5.30 pm
Weekdays: 3 pm; 3.40 pm; 4.20 pm; 5 pm
The visit is guided by a monk, reservations are not necessary for individual visitors or groups, voluntary donation.

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Salute of Monteortone (3km from the B&B)
Via Santuario, 63, 35031 Abano Terme (PD)

A sanctuary since 1428. There are frescos by Jacopo da Montagnana and paintings by Jacopo Palma the Young.

San Daniele Monastery (5km from the B&B)
Via S. Daniele, 50, 35031 Abano Terme (PD)

This Benedictine monastery, dated 1706, is now occupied and run by a small community of twenty nuns, whose lives are governed by the “ora et labora” rule (pray and work).
The Church: Holy mass: Sunday and religious holidays: 9.30 am; weekdays 7.30 am.
The museum: 10 am – 11.30 am/3.10 pm – 5 pm (weekdays only) Free entry
There is a small café-restaurant near the church: Products from the monastery are on sale, such as honey, pollens, “amaro” herbal liqueurs and cosmetics produced according to the original recipes belonging to the monastery.

Camaldonese Hermitage of Monte Rua (8km from the B&B)
Via Monte Rua, 29, 35038 Torreglia (PD)

Built in 1542, it consists of fourteen cells around a 14th century sanctuary, dedicated to the Assumption and is still the home to monks who live in seclusion. Solitude and Silence are the fundamental rules. Access to men only.

FAI – Villa dei Vescovi (5km from the B&B)
Via dei Vescovi, 4, 35038 Torreglia (PD)

Considered the first appearance of Roman classicism in the Venetian Republic, it houses the most extraordinary example of decoration and frescos in Veneto prior to the revolution imposed by Paolo Veronese.
Opening times: from Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm – Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.
Ticket: 10€

Via Diana 2 – Valsanzibio di Galzignano Terme (PD)

The Barbarigo-Pizzoni Ardemani Garden in Valsanzibio covers an area of 150,000 square metres and is one of the most important and refined examples of Italian-style gardens. The Valsanzibio maze, situated in the garden winds past fountains, ponds, statues and a vast number of plant species.
Opening times: 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to sunset (Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays non-stop).
Discounted ticket in partnership with B&B Fattoria Busa dell’Oro: 9€

casa delle farfalle
Via Scavi, 21/bis, 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)

The first Butterfly House to be built in Italy, and one of the first in the world, is situated in the heart of the one of the biggest thermal areas in Italy, close to the Colli Euganei. A route immersed in the rain forests of the Amazon, Africa and Asia will enchant you with its colours, sounds and one hundred of species of butterflies flitting all around you. The Fairy Wood is a magical place in a wooded park covering an area of 600 square metres where young and old will be captivated by the legends and fantastic figures which bring imagination and popular tradition to life.
Open daily – Ticket: 9€

CATAJO CASTLE (13km from the B&B)
Via CATAJO 1, Battaglia Terme (PD)

Catajo castle is a monumental building with 350 rooms, built in the 16th century by Pio Enea I Obizzi near Battaglia Terme.
Opening hours: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and bank holidays from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.
Ticket: 9€

SAN PELAGIO CASTLE (13km from the B&B)
Via S. Pelagio, 50, 35020 Due Carrare (PD)

A Venetian villa (home to Earls of Zaborra for almost 400 years) and site of the Air museum dedicated to Gabriele D’Annunzio. A rose garden and labyrinth were added in 1970.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 am-1 pm / 2.30 pm-6.30 pm
Sunday and bank holidays 10 am-7 pm
Ticket: 10€

Via Sottovenda, 3 Galzignano Terme (PD) – Marina’s Home

In the naturalistic and environmental centre of Marina’s Home, the botanical garden, opened on April 28th 2017, aims to preserve and multiply endangered species of plants from the Euganean Hills and promotes the development of authentic environmental tourism in full respect of the area by raising awareness.
Open daily. Unlimited entry, free of charge.

casa del petrarca
PETRARCH HOUSE MUSEUM (15km from the B&B) – Via Valleselle, 4, 35032 Arquà Petrarca (PD)

The home of Francesco Petrarca from 1369 in Arquà Petrarca, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The museum is currently laid out on one floor in the following sections: “The House of Petrarch”, “Iconography of Petrarch and Laura””, “Arquà and the surrounding area”, The tomb of Petrarch”, “The Myth of the House: the visitor logs”, “The Myth of the House: the relics and commemorative medals”.
Opening times: 9 am – 12.30 pm / 3 pm – 7 pm from March 1st to October 31st;
9 am – 12.30 pm / 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm from November 1st to February 28th
Ticket: 4€

PADUA (15km from the B&B)

Site of an immense artistic, historical and cultural heritage. Recommended destinations:

SCROVEGNI CHAPEL – Piazza Eremitani, 8, 35121 Padua – Ticket: 13€ (The ticket is also valid for entry to the Eremitani museum and Palazzo Zuckermann)

BASILICA OF ST. ANTHONY – Piazza del Santo, 11, 35123 Padova PD


PALAZZO DEL BO (the historic seat of the University of Padua since 1493) – Via VIII Febbraio, 2, 35122 Padua

BOTANICAL GARDEN – Via Orto Botanico, 15, 35123 Padua
Opening times: daily 9 am-7 pm
Ticket: 10€

VENEZIA (38Km – the Terme Euganee railway station is a convenient stopping off point to get to the city in 30 minutes)

An incredible city, built on a series of 118 islands with over 400 bridges, separated by canals which act as roads, travelled along by boats and gondolas. A city where Art&Culture, Sea&Nature, Food&Local products, Relaxation&Entertainment come together. Recommended destinations:

Venetian Arsenal: According to tradition, it was founded in 1104 and extended over the centuries to now occupy a large part of the north-eastern area of the city.

St. Mark’s Basilica and St. Mark’s Square: is the main church, cathedral and site of the patron saint in the city.

Ducal Palace

La Fenice Theatre: is the main opera house in Venice

Grand Canal

Rialto bridge

Accademia Gallery Museum: the biggest collection of Venetian paintings from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century.

VICENZA: the city of Andrea Palladio.

Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, Palazzo Valmarana, Palazzo Pojana and Palazzo Chiericati are all buildings designed by Palladio which are dotted around the city centre.
The Basilica is the work of the famous architect, the symbol of the city, and is named after him, Basilica Palladiana. The Teatro Olimpico, based on the layout of ancient Greek theatres, was also designed by the famous architect, as was the dome of the cathedral.
The many villas in the Vicenza area include: Villa La Rotonda, Villa Godi Malinverni and Villa Trissino.

MONSELICE (22km from the B&B)

The bridge between the Euganean Hills and the plains. It was converted into a civitas murata (walled city) by the people of Este. In 1405, the Venetians built patrician villas there. Don’t miss Cà Marcello, Villa Nani, the Duomo Antico, the characteristic street with seven churches and the splendid Villa Duodo, designed by Scamozzi.

ESTE (25km from the B&B)

The cradle of the Paleovenetian civilisation, it is the oldest city in the Euganean area, with a three thousand-year-old history, as demonstrated by the numerous, fascinating archaeological artefacts currently preserved in the Atestino National Museum. Visit the mighty castle, the magnificent church of Santa Tecla, and the splendid villas with ornamental gardens designed by Japelli. Illustrious Italian and foreign figures, such as Shelley, Byron and Debussy stayed in this city.

MONTAGNANA (43km from the B&B)

A fortified medieval city which owes its amazing city walls to the Carraresi family. A two-kilometre long, intact wall with twenty-four majestic hexagonal towers, each one measuring almost twenty metres in height. The highest tower is the famous keep of Castel S. Zeno. Famous for the Palio horse race and the Prosciutto Crudo Dolce di Montagnana (cured ham) which is second to none!

CITTADELLA (45km from the B&B)

The walled city of Cittadella is one of the few examples of a defence system with a circular lookout walk that has been perfectly preserved over time and is still standing now. It is, therefore, one of the most impressive defence systems in Europe. The walls are almost fourteen metres high, but the lookout towers at the gates almost reach a height of thirty metres.

abano terme
montegrotto terme

are the oldest and most important spa towns in Europe and have been a tourist destination for over two thousand years with their warm thermal waters and healing mud with recognised therapeutic properties.


places to visit:

Pedestrian area and City Thermal Park: from Piazza Fontana to the Gardens of Montirone.

The Montirone Hill: at one time full of thermal springs which bubbled up naturally at a temperature of 80°C; it is now home to stone baths filled with hot, steaming water, symbol of the thousand-year-old spa tradition of the Abano area.

Villa Bassi Rathgeb: Splendid 16th century villa with frescos attributed to Buttafogo or Antonio Vassilacchi, called L’Aliense. It is now the civic art gallery housing the most important works of the Roberto Bassi Rathgeb collection.

International Museum of Masks: an integrated museum complex to promote and enhance culture, the arts and entertainment. It also houses an extraordinary number of masks, original geo-ethno-anthropological artefacts and works from the most significant cultural areas of the world.


places to visit:

Roman excavations of the Ancient spas of Montegrotto Terme: the area is open to visitors and allows you to get a close look at the excavations from the Roman era; it is also a departure point for an interesting archaeological itinerary which includes various stops, the most noteworthy being the Hotel Terme Neroniane.

VILLA DRAGHI: Luxury villa from the 1700s, named today after its former owners and surrounded by the countryside near Mount Ceva. The Villa cannot be visited, but both the inhabitants and the tourists can go walking or running in the countryside on the hill and its trails.

Località Le Fiorine, Via Monte della Madonna, 9 35037 Teolo (PD)

A place to have fun and socialise, created for anyone with a thirst for adventure, desire to experiment and above all, be surrounded by nature. Different routes suspended in the trees for adults and children.
Opening times: April, May, September: Saturday afternoon, Sunday all day.
From June to August: Saturday and Sunday all day, from Monday to Friday in the afternoon.