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anello colli euganei

Bicycle Touring: Cycling circuit in the Euganean Hills – Route E2

The 68-km route starts outside the B&B, taking the dirt track leading to the Benedictine spiritual centre: the Abbey of Praglia. From here, follow the path towards Abano and Montegrotto Terme, the main spa towns for health and well-being in the area. Following the circular route, you go downhill towards the towns of Battaglia Terme, Monselice and Este, taking in many examples of beautiful Venetian artistry and architecture along the way, including the Castle of Catajo, the medieval fort of Monselice and the 14h century Estense Castle. You then start to climb again up Mount Lozzo passing through Vò Vecchio and Bastia di Rovolon in a swathe of vineyards until you get back to the departure point.

Itinerary: Scarica pdf

MTB: 85-km crossing of the Euganean area

Starting from cycling path E2 at Montegrotto Terme, the route winds towards the town of Este, continuing on towards Mount Fasolo and the amazing surrounding landscape. The proximity to Padua also means you can extend your route to discover the cultural heritage and local food and wine traditions.
The route has a difference in altitude of 366m, a total ascent of 1346m and total descent of 1345m. Geographical coordinates: 1123



ROAD BIKE: Round route of the Colli Euganei and Berici

91-Km route with a 750-m difference in altitude. Starting from the B&B, head towards Torreglia and then on towards Castelnuovo. Go downhill towards Teolo, skirting the rocks of Rocca Pendice until you get to the lovely town of Vo’ Vecchio which divides the area of the Colli Euganei and Berici. Carry on towards Barbarano Vicentino until you get to the capital of the Berici region, Vicenza, passing by Lake Fimon. When you reach the Sanctuary of Mount Berici, take the time to visit the historic town centre which is not be missed.