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The Fattoria Busa dell’Oro B&B is located in the heart of the Regional Park of Euganean Hills, in one of its northern extensions, Monte Lonzina. It has a marvell ous view of the Abbey of Praglia, which is just a short walk away, following the Sant’Antonio trail or the E2 cycling circuit of the Euganean Hills.

Our guests will have the opportunity to organise mouth-watering itineraries on which to discover the traditions and cultures of the Euganei area.

There are plenty of cultural events, exhibitions and local shows to choose from. Important sites can be found near the farm, such as Villa dei Vescovi, the Valsanzibio labyrinth, Le Fiorine Adventure Park, Villa Draghi and much more.

The location is quiet and private, in the heart of the countryside, ideal for anyone who wants to get away from the busy tourist destinations and frenzy of city life for some well-deserved relaxation.

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Suite al piano terra con diretto accesso al giardino esterno. Per coloro...

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Spacious one-room apartment with view of the woods down to Praglia and...

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The name in the local dialect “Busa dell’Oro”, which literally means “Hole of Gold” in English, is taken from an old local legend. A soldier of fortune, serving Ezzelino da Romano, a combative thirteenth century lord, grew tired of fighting and looting, so deserted the army. With the warlord’s men hot on his heels, he fled into the countryside in the woods hereabouts.

As he was hunted down, he managed to hide his loot from many battles in a hole which he then covered over. The men eventually caught up with him and he died fighting rather than go to prison, taking with him the location of where he had hidden the gold. From then on, many attempts have been made to find it, but no-one has ever succeeded, so it is still there somewhere waiting to be unearthed.


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The Busa dell’Oro farm is surrounded by dense vegetation, including ancient chestnut trees, a variety of fruit trees and olive trees. Every year, on average about 600 kg of olives are harvested in November which are processed by the traditional cold-pressed method to produce the delicately perfumed “Fattoria Busa dell’Oro” extra virgin olive oil.